Initial Marketing

We plan to execute our first phase of marketing this fall, beginning with the launch of a new website, and a set of social media accounts to go with the film. The release of Chapter 1 will be relatively quiet; to market, we need to compile materials and images, but we’d like to release the final cut as soon as possible to use it as a marketing piece for the future installments.

For social media, we have a handful of filmmakers who have asked to help with promotion, and we plan to utilize them to assist us in publishing regularly to our accounts.

We do plan to re-cut an updated trailer, one more reflective of our main character’s narrative.

Fundraising Brief

Between now (July 2018) and the 2nd installments, we hope to secure an investor or donor to push us through producing Chapters 2-3, and between Chapters 3-4 we hope to have a buyer for the project, but we will be pushing to complete all five chapters regardless of the project’s selling status- it is imperative that we sell this project to a buyer willing to keep the integrity of the story.


We plan to host a combination premiere/art show/fundraiser at a local theater for Chapter 1. We’ve been collaborating with a few photographers on this project, and we’re designing an immersive museum-like experience to accompany screenings of the film for at least the first chapter. We’ve been communicating with a number of non-profit organizations interested in hosting said events, enabling us to tour this film to different cities, particularly along the USA East Coast, but at least as far as Texas. These local screenings/shows will serve as marketing for the future chapters, and fundraising events to cover our screening costs and contribute to future production.

 Viewer Demographic & Potential Corresponding Buyers

Type 1:

Adults ranging 20-50, interested in international news, humanitarian stories, and those who keep up with the world’s politics.

          Potential buyers for this demographic would include:

PBS International: Marketed a Human Interest and Current Affairs piece, this could be released as a feature-length special, or as a documentary mini-series.

CNN: For CNN, this would likely air best as a mini-series, as that is more their format than the feature special.

Netflix: As an advocate for unconventional formats (like five parts over five years,) Netflix may be a potential buyer.

Type 2:

Social justice-minded 16-26 year-olds. This includes students who might be interested in international humanitarian efforts, and global films.

          Potential buyers for this demographic would include:

Netflix: Same reasons as above. Also, given Netflix’s recent leanings, a story about international refugees may be a great fit for them.

YouTube & YoutubeTV: Like Netflix, the younger demographic pulling away from broadcast stations may favor this project for an online network. YouTube has recently been diversifying their portfolio with more internationally-related series.