Initial Marketing

We plan to execute our first phase of marketing this winter, beginning with the launch of a new website, and a set of social media accounts to go with the film. We will release teasers of our story to generate conversation about the project. Our collaborate with our NGO and foundation partners to begin engaging their audiences with the upcoming film.

For social media, we have a handful of filmmakers who have asked to help with promotion, and we plan to utilize them to assist us in publishing regularly to our accounts.

Fundraising Brief

We have half of the film finished production, and we are planning for our second trip back to Uganda/South Sudan which we’ll take in January 2019. We expect to release the film in early 2020.


We will compete in documentary film festivals in an effort to secure a buyer. Our Director has an extensive history working with major networks, and we will also call upon production houses in our network who are prepared to connect us with networks like Netflix, etc. We will also host private screenings with some of our major donors and those in their networks in order to secure any finishing funds needed to seek distribution/sale.

 Viewer Demographic & Potential Corresponding Buyers

Type 1:

Adults ranging 20-50, interested in international news, humanitarian stories, and those who keep up with the world’s politics.

          Potential buyers for this demographic would include:

PBS International: Marketed as a Human Interest and Current Affairs piece, this could be released as a feature-length special.

CNN: For CNN, this would likely air best as a mini-series, as that is more their format than the feature special.

Netflix: We have peers with relationships to Netflix who are happy to connect us.

Type 2:

Social justice-minded 16-26 year-olds. This includes students who might be interested in international humanitarian efforts, and global films.

          Potential buyers for this demographic would include:

Netflix: Same reasons as above. Also, given Netflix’s recent leanings, a story about international refugees may be a great fit for them.

YouTube & YoutubeTV: Like Netflix, the younger demographic pulling away from broadcast stations may favor this project for an online network. YouTube has recently been diversifying their portfolio with more internationally-related series.