It has always been a goal of Philamedia to expand the way we think creatively, and diversify our media presence in the world. We love doing that together, especially because we're all such good friends to begin with.

Lately, we've come to recognize that, as our company grows, we should expand with intentionality, and build in the direction which we'd like to go. We hadn't been planning on adding anyone in the near future, but then Aidan "Popcorn" Guynes came along, and the whole thing just seemed like a good fit.

Aidan will be heading up a new direction for Philamedia, as the big cheese of Creative & Entertainment Videography. We'll be posting some of his work to the blog regularly in the coming weeks to show you what he's got.

We're excited to see what Aidan creates, where he takes this part of the company, and if he prefers microwave or kettle-cooked.

What better way to celebrate adding a member of the team than with a little photoshoot?

One can only imagine what Justin was doing off-camera to make him laugh.)

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