So, we've officially changed our named from Beau Rosario Photography to Philamedia Co. Since I'm not the only one working here, we figured the change was appropriate. We're now made up of me (Beau Rosario,) Justin Swallow, Mike Rowland, and Clint Rosario. From now on, we'll be releasing media- photo, video, and audio- collectively, under Philamedia.

Since Sunday is all-play-and-no-work day for us, we took a break from work and toyed around a little bit. Obviously, with all the new changes, the first step for us is to take headshots of the crew. Since we promised more photos from our new ring light, (and you already saw Clint's,) here's what we came up with.

Ladies and gents, we present some hot photos of Philamedia - Beau + Kyle (our roommate.)