This past week, I've been traveling to some pretty great cities, working with my good friend Stephen Chelius for a real estate company. We started in Boston, and worked our way down to Hartford, CT, and now New Haven, CT. People have weird accents, and for some horrible reason, nobody knew what I was talking about when I ordered "that cinnamon bun jawn" at a Panera. Despite their lack of interesting slang, the cities have been beautiful. Some pretty wild skies and bright city lights have accompanied us the whole trip, making our work a lot more fun....

From a roof I'm pretty sure I wasn't supposed to be on, but those are the best kind.

This shot was followed by a mile-long highway longboard ride in the thunderstorm seen in the picture. Worth the near-death experience. For those of you visiting Boston, park a mile or two away from the airport and work your way around it to the waterfront if you want a killer view of the city.

This took like ten tries before I got one where nobody stops deer-in-the-headlights in the middle of the photo staring straight at me, wondering what I'm doing taking photos of them (which is not what I'm doing.)

Purple is nice.