Apply to Philamedia

Job Title

Creative Marketing Associate

Full-Time / Part-Time

Part-Time, approx. 15 hours/week. This is a six-month internship position.



Desired Bag of Tricks

Social media familiarity (Instagram, Facebook, etc.)

Proficient in Adobe Premiere Pro

Good with people, good communicator

Levitation (not a must, but a bonus.)

Job Description

This is a part-time position, working as a content creator/marketing consultant. We're looking for someone who is familiar with Adobe Premiere Pro who can work with raw footage to produce engaging social media content. Using our footage from various projects and our music licenses, the CMA would cut together and publish videos for our social media account. We'd like to take a sort of "anything goes" approach to our social media- though we like to make great content and show it off, we also like to have fun, and show that off. The social media accounts should consist of both media content, and the lifestyle of our company.


Please take this DISC test, and email PDF's of the results to Please also send in a demo reel/portfolio/résumé of some kind (or all three if you're feelin' dangerous.) When you email us, please be sure to include your name somewhere in the email.

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